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rawMAT Bentonite Tanking

by John Stallard, Technical Director — 1/10/2019

rawMAT is the only pre-hydrated Bentonite system available world-wide. 

The unique and significant feature of rawMAT Bentonite is its initial pre-hydration occurs under factory controlled conditions and is a fully waterproof Bentonite membrane in supplied roll form. 

Other features of rawMAT:

  •  it’s the only system which has direct Bentonite to Bentonite lapping,
  • it’s the only Bentonite system which can directly migrate into the cementitious substrate to become part of the substrate preventing any chance of water migration vertically.

rawMAT Detail b-RAW00 Lap Joint

One of the most notable projects where rawMAT Bentonite has been used is Stage One of the Britomart tunnel.The tunnel is 300 meters long x 45 meters wide x 13 meters deep with a constant 7 meters head of water with tidal pressure twice each day.The project is now 17 years old and it has been a true reflection of how exceptionally good the rawMAT system is.