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by John Stallard, Director — 27/9/2018

Choosing the right roofing membrane system involves reputation and track record of the supplier.

Do you trust their integrity, judgement and advice?

What is the history of the membrane system that is being specified?

There is still no singular membrane system “fit for all purposes”, therefore each job should be independently evaluated as fit for purpose: it will be durable, and the physical properties within the data sheet and compliance documentation support your selection.

There is a history of systems where they have started out performing like champions only to lose their physical properties with age and have become part of the leaky home area.

Look beyond the marketing brochures (no one has been able to turn lead in to gold yet) and talk with technical experts who can provide you with independent data and proven performance information in New Zealand’s changing climatic conditions. This is important as we are now seeing products losing their original physical properties with age.

Don’t assume all roofing systems are the same, or perform the same. Take time to understand your requirements and the capabilities of the roofing system.

Who stands behind the membrane system selected? What is their history of expertise? Are they suitably qualified to provide advice?

Whether a company is big or small, nothing is more important than their integrity and proven commitment to service and product performance.

The membrane system product warranty is important… but it’s only a piece of paper and it won’t stop your roof leaking! The combination of the best membrane selection with a highly skilled and experienced applicator knowledgeable in the membrane system selection will ensure the best outcome making it unlikely the product and workmanship warrantees will be called upon.