What protects your building is one of the fundamental questions posed for any new construction and just as the construction process begins well before the foundations are laid, the protection of a building ends well after the building is handed over.
Water ingress and dampness are one of the major causes of construction litigation.  From a waterproofing systems NZ Ltd supply perspective this is a disheartening fact; simply because the large majority of waterproofing products, when installedBatton long correctly and used in the right situations, will not fail.  Failures in waterproofing protection are more often caused by under education of specifiers as to the limitations of products and through inadequate application.  It is our job as waterproofing supply specialists to help educate and up-skill our specifiers (who are unfairly in many cases expected to know the intricacies of each element of construction.) 

Behind the wall is more often than not, however, the place where prices are scrimped, where corners are cut and where, because it is a non-visible area of a building, the same old products and the same old thinking will do.

Placing any old product down because that is what we had in the shed is a pathetic excuse and should not be tolerated. 

The price mentality of the industry is such which is bringing us back to seriously questioning the integrity of construction.  When a project contract is awarded to a contractor, or sub-contractor, simply upon bottom price when submitting non conforming tenders is a very dangerous and absurd position to place oneself and the industry.
Additionally, sub-contractors winning tenders by pricing a lesser product than that on the plans and not tagging this out, and then going on to apply the inferior product is a problem plaguing the industry.

 Hours of labour are put into the design of a building to ensure that the end result will not only be a visually appeasing but protected and secured for future wears.  We believe that not just a product should be selected but a system incorporating applicator training, technical support, quality management systems and a thorough and tested product.

 The building envelope is such a critical element where specification should be followed to the button and only the most applicable and able products applied.  Within the project where the "visual" elements are exposed seems to be, however, where the industry is adamant on spending the most money and protecting what is on the specification - which seems ludicrous.  Why would you cut corners on what is protecting your golden toilet seat when six months down the track you have an building envelope failure because a product used in protection is not what's on the plans, or because the wrong product was applied?  Internal visual fixtures can be altered and changed later down the track, the building envelope, waterproofing, in many cases cannot and is certainly far more complicated; not to mention ESSENTIAL to protecting your internal belongings.

 Waterproofing Systems NZ Ltd has for a number of years now addressed these specific issues.  The Waterproofing Systems NZ Ltd product supply range is so extensive that WPS is able to offer a comprehensive, tested solution for any waterproofing obstacle you are faced with.  Our technical team are amongst the most advanced in the country; our technical director is a workplace assessor for the ITO as well as having 30 years on the tools.

 When choosing a waterproofing membrane for your building, we offer the finest and most advanced solutions in the marketplace both with product quality and equally as important, our systems quality.  Waterproofing Systems training, quality control measures and technical support is second to none, is massively important and plays an extensive part in our makeup as a company.  We support ADNZ, we support NZIA; we are sponsors of the Building Officials Institute of New Zealand (BOINZ) and sponsors of Certified Builders.  We support our industry and offer the finest protection anywhere on the market.  We make an express effort to support you the specifier to ensure you know all product limitations, product strengths and which product to use where.

Waterproofing Application


Torch-on membrane


Internal wet area membrane

Gripset 38® or Gripset 2P®

Internal acoustic wet are membrane


Peel & Stick membrane


Tanking Torch-on membrane

bituFLAME® T

Tanking bentonite membrane

rawMAT Type P

Do not accept anything but the best protection for your building.  Unseen protection of the building envelope is one of the most critical elements of ensuring the future longevity of the project.

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