Below Ground Tanking

bituBOND Peel & Stick

bituBOND® is a BRANZ Appraised self-adhesive membrane system, designed for protecting concrete foundations and vertical walls from aggressive soil attack, dampness and vapour transmission.

bituFLAME Torch-on

For tanking applications:

  1. Low risk, low hydrostatic - use 1 layer 3mm bituFLAME Sand
  2. Low to medium risk, medium hydrostatic - use 2 layers 3mm bituFLAME Sand
  3. For protection of footings from agressive plant roots - use bituFLAME Plura Anti Root 4mm

Gripset Waterproofing

For concrete foundation cavity rebates use Gripset 51, a liquid applied SBR bitumen membrane system.

rawMAT Bentonite

Use rawMAT Bentonite for a high risk high hydrostatic contaminated site.

The rawMAT Pre-hydrated Bentonite system provides high level waterproofing protection to below ground structures in the most demanding situations.

The advantage of our pre-hydrated bentonite system is that the initial bentonite hydration occurs under factory controlled conditions. Unlike the dry bentonite systems, which are prone to shrinkage and cracking, the Rawmat Pre-hydrated bentonite is highly resistant to the effects of water contaminants. These contaminants induce cationic exchange in dry bentonite systems causing them to have a reduced swell, shrink and crack as the clay converts from sodium bentonite to the calcium form.

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