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Below Ground Tanking

Our product range offers three tanking options: bituBOND self-stick , bituFLAME torchon and rawMAT bentonite. The torchon system can be a single or 2 layer system dependant on the level of tanking required. We have provided specifications for, and have been involved in the installation of some of the most complex below ground tanking work in New Zealand. Our expertise is regularly sought out for all matters regarding below ground tanking and we have a range of tried and tested products and systems that back the successful projects of our applicators. Our level of expertise in assisting Architects, Designers and Engineers to make the correct selections has been well received with excellent onsite performance of all the systems specified. All our systems have been in the New Zealand market for over 20 years.

bituBOND Peel & Stick

bituBONDĀ® is a BRANZ Appraised self-adhesive membrane system, designed for protecting concrete foundations and vertical walls from aggressive soil attack, dampness and vapour transmission.

bituFLAME Torch-On

For tanking applications:

  • Low risk, low hydrostatic - use 1 layer 3mm bituFLAME Sand
  • Low to medium risk, medium hydrostatic - use 2 layers 3mm bituFLAME Sand
  • For protection of footings from agressive plant roots - use bituFLAME Plura Anti Root 4mm
rawMat Bentonite

Use rawMAT Bentonite for a high risk high hydrostatic contaminated site.

The rawMAT Pre-hydrated Bentonite system provides high level waterproofing protection to below ground structures in the most demanding situations.

The advantage of our pre-hydrated bentonite system is that the initial bentonite hydration occurs under factory controlled conditions. Unlike the dry bentonite systems, which are prone to shrinkage and cracking, the Rawmat Pre-hydrated bentonite is highly resistant to the effects of water contaminants. These contaminants induce cationic exchange in dry bentonite systems causing them to have a reduced swell, shrink and crack as the clay converts from sodium bentonite to the calcium form.

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