Green Roofs & Ballast Roof Systems

Green roofs have been scientifically proven to have a positive impact on the environment with the plants generating better air by minimising greenhouse emissions. The grit sand filtration within the system ensures the rain water draining back into the storm water is clean. Green roofs which have Black Pearl insulation panels installed below the green roof system, save energy for a building through the climatic seasonal changes in heating and cooling costs of the building throughout the year.

There are a selection of plants which suit and work well with green roof systems. We recommend contacting a professional green roof landscape specialist to ensure the planting selection is compatible with the system, soil depth, local climate, and fits in with the surrounding landscape to ensure the very best Green Roof finish for the building.

The Green and stone ballast systems provide an excellent alternative to fully exposed membrane systems. A benefit of these systems is that the membrane system is never exposed to the weathering elements, especially the UV rays. The drainage grid system provides an air gap and in stone ballast systems this is very beneficial. We have uncovered the edge of a stone ballast system at 12 years old and found the bituFLAME membrane virtually had not aged, with the bitumen still soft and pliable, very close to the condition it left our warehouse in. This would also apply to bituFLAME used in the Green Roof systems.

Waterproofing Systems recommends Green Roof and Stone ballast systems be installed over the bituFLAME 2 layer membrane system, which includes the bituFLAME Anti-root membrane within the system. It is our opinion that the single ply systems cannot take the installation wear of scuffing, scratches and stacking of component’s, this especially applies to the Green Roof system. The duroTUF TPO would be able to used in a stone ballast system if the drainage grid system has the Geotech cloth on both sides and the stone ballast is 35mm to 40mm thick in coverage maximum.

Insulated Green Roofs

Waterproofing Systems use Black Pearl Neopor insulation for Green Roof insulation. The panels are directly adhered to the substrate with bituBOND adhesive. A full surface bond is required with mechanical fixing to tighten down the insulation boards onto the bituBOND adhesive. The bituBOND adhesive also provides the vapour barrier. The Black Pearl Neopor offers a minimum of 30% higher thermal efficiency than white EPS and has excellent compressive strength. The Black Pearl water absorption rate is 1% higher than a roof and tanking membrane system, making it an excellent insulation system.

Once the insulation boards are in place, they are primed on the exposed surface with bituBOND adhesive. The bituFLAME Plura AD membrane is installed directly onto the primed Black Pearl, which is further activated for extra bond strength when the bituFLAME Anti-root membrane is torch-on applied over the bituFLAME Plura AD base sheet.

The Black Pearl system is used within Green Roof Systems where there is an exposed concrete ceiling required in the architectural design, or there is not enough space amongst the building mechanical services to install insulation from below into the ceiling space within the building.


Product Information:

pdf Green Roof Systems BROCHURE (1.37 MB)

Detail Drawings


GR08 (bF-AR) - Soil BituFLAME Scupper

GR08 (bF-AR) - Soil BituFLAME Scupper.png
mod DWG (36.57 kB)
mod MOD (224.97 kB)
pdf PDF (70.24 kB)

GR09 (bF-AR) - EcoROOF BituFLAME (AR) 3D Cutaway

GR09 (bF-AR) - EcoROOF BituFLAME (AR) 3D Cutaway.png
mod DWG (106.00 kB)
mod MOD (460.44 kB)
pdf PDF (82.08 kB)

GR06 (bF-AR) - Ballast BituFLAME Scupper Outlet

GR06 (bF-AR) - Ballast BituFLAME Scupper Outlet.png
mod DWG (39.67 kB)
mod MOD (225.05 kB)
pdf PDF (70.84 kB)

GR03 (bF-AR) - Insulated Internal Corner-termination

GR03 (bF-AR) - Insulated Internal Corner-termination.png
mod DWG (27.25 kB)
mod MOD (165.64 kB)
pdf PDF (66.02 kB)

GR05 (bF-AR) - Ballast SUREFLOW Outlet

GR05 (bF-AR) - Ballast SUREFLOW Outlet.png
mod DWG (75.66 kB)
mod MOD (204.30 kB)
pdf PDF (78.38 kB)

GR07 (bF-AR) - Soil SUREFLOW Outlet

GR07 (bF-AR) - Soil SUREFLOW Outlet.png
mod DWG (27.60 kB)
mod MOD (211.33 kB)
pdf PDF (89.75 kB)

GR04 (bF-AR) - Ballast Gutter

GR04 (bF-AR) - Ballast Gutter.png
mod DWG (161.59 kB)
mod MOD (196.36 kB)
pdf PDF (88.56 kB)

GR02 (bF-AR) - Non Insulated Internal Corner-termination

GR02 (bF-AR) - Non Insulated Internal Corner-termination.png
mod DWG (25.22 kB)
mod MOD (202.02 kB)
pdf PDF (62.52 kB)

GR01 (bF-AR) - Internal Corner Termination

GR01 (bF-AR) - Internal Corner Termination.png
mod DWG (67.56 kB)
mod MOD (175.45 kB)
pdf PDF (72.70 kB)

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Material Safety Data Sheets:

pdf BituFLAME Torch On MSDS (377.65 kB)
pdf ECOPRIMER MSDS (119.19 kB)
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Quality Control:

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