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Gripset Pavement Protection Systems consist of high quality waterproofing, sealing, and re-surfacing products designed for trafficable asphalt and concrete pavements. Environmentally and user friendly, the Gripset range overcomes OHS and hazardous issues associated with traditional pavement products. Long term solutions provided for major primary and minor secondary roads; bridges; car parks, including suspended structures; airfields and airports; foot paths; bike lanes; sports surfaces; industrial flooring and expansion joint systems.

  1. Gripset P17 hard wearing traffic coat (can be coloured)
  2. Gripset B09 asphalt resurfacer
  3. Gripset Bitumen Band for bitumen crack repairs
  4. Gripset PatchPhalt asphalt repair compound
  5. Gripset B26 bitumen crack sealer and protective coating

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