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Potable Water Tanks, Ponds & Features

Our range of slurry screeds, vapour blocks, specialist primers, detailing accessories combined with Gripset 2P have ensured our waterproofing of potable water tanks, reflection ponds, garden ponds and swimming pools have been a very successful installations. The Gripset 2P is a full emersion liquid waterproofing membrane system based on SBR technology and has a potable water certification. Our Gripset 2P system finishes can be quartzone plaster, tiles or painted finishes returning over to external finishes where acrylic plaster systems can be used on the exterior finishes.

Gripset Waterproofing

Gripset liquid waterproofing includes a range of SBR single part and two part membranes that are potable water certified and suitable for full water immersion.

  • Gripset 2P and Gripset 51 potable water certified
  • Gripset 2P and Gripset 11Y systems for swimming pools, ponds and water features

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