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bituBOND® is a BRANZ Appraised self-adhesive membrane system, designed for protecting concrete foundations and vertical walls from aggressive soil attack, dampness and vapour transmission.

The bituBOND® system is used in low hydrostatic applications such as in shallow excavations or away from the water table.

Where tanking under higher hydrostatic situations is required, the bituFLAME torch-on or rawMAT pre-hydrated bentonite system should be used. Higher hydrostatic pressures are normally present in deep site excavations or near known water sources such as ponds, lagoons, rivers, lakes, springs and in coastal regions.

Masterspec Specification: 4131WB WPS Bitubond Self-Stick Tanking

Why You Should Specify bituBOND

bituBOND® has an extensive history of use, and a proven reputation in waterproofing. bituBOND® has excellent tear and puncture resistance.

bituBOND® is one of the few peel ‘n' stick membranes that comes with a 50mm lap selvedge protected by a release paper. This paper ensures the lap area is kept perfectly clean to give an intimate seal at the lap.

In Particular, bituBOND:

  • has excellent self-adhesive qualities
  • thas excellent tear and puncture resistance
  • is easy to apply
  • has a protected lap selvedge
  • is BRANZ Appraised

Areas of use

bituBOND® is an ideal membrane for damp-proofing foundations, walls, bridges, viaducts and tunnels. bituBOND® can be used on both concrete and polystyrene substrates and can be used under composite shingles and roof tiles.

bituBOND®, as for any peel ‘n' stick membrane, should only be used for low - medium hydrostatic pressure applications. For high hydrostatic pressures, the bituFLAME torch-on system  or  rawMAT pre-hydrated bentonite  is recommended.


bituBOND is a weight 1.5mm thick self-stick tanking membrane system a SBS modified bitumen system which is very flexible and has the unique quality of closing and adhering around any mechanical fixings which penetrate through the bituBOND membrane. bituBOND is generally used in residential tanking but has been used to line swimming pool complex walls and ceiling out before the visual exposed cladding is installed and under shingle roof systems in high windzones as protection should any asphalt tiles get loose and come off. The bituBOND self-stick system is BRANZ appraised number (558) to comply with the NZBC.


bituBOND is a lot less technical system over all other sheet membrane tanking systems making it quicker and easier to install. It provides a much superior tanking system for a similar or lower cost of liquid system with the compliance documentation of the BRANZ appraisal. Detailed drawings are available on our web site which can be down loaded and used within the architectural design.

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Featured Projects


Other Credits:Opus International Consultants Product:bituBOND Region:Manawatu/Wanganui 240m² Peel and Stick membrane protecting the country’s most technologically advanced rugby training centres


Specifier: HDT architecture Brand/Product: bituBOND Tanking Applicator: Highrise Waterproofing Size/Area: 70m2 Region: Island Bay, Wellington

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