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bituFLAME has many outstanding features, making it the ultimate choice when selecting a torch-on membrane. It's superior qualities of tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance sets bituFLAME apart as the ideal durable solution for your waterproofing requirements. A comparison of product data sheets shows bituFLAME to have the highest mechanical properties of any modified bitumen available.

Masterspec Specification: 4421WB WPS bituFLAME Membrane Roofing

In particular, bituFLAME has:

  • High tensile strength and tear resistance
  • Good elongation
  • Excellent puncture resistance
  • Resistance to rot
  • BRANZ Appraised

Durability and Performance Warranty

When installed in accordance with the manufacturer's specifications bituFLAME is performance warranted to remain waterproof for up to the first 15 - 20 years of an indefinite service life. A full product warranty is issued on completion, together with a workmanship warranty from the approved applicator.


bituFLAME is a fully reinforced polymer modified bitumen membrane which come in 1.0M wide x 10.0M long rolls the base sheets are 2.5mm and 3mm thick the cap sheets 3mm sand finish and 4mm granule finish. BituFLAME offers some specialist systems BituFLAME Viaduct for carparks, bituFLAME Antiroot for tanking and planters, bituFLAME Plura re-roof for old asphalt and torchon roof overlays and bituFLAME self-stick for polystyrene substrates. The bituFLAME torchon membrane is very hard wearing and can take significant construction traffic wear particularly when Green roof systems are specified the movement on the membrane would scuff or scratch the surface with the security of have a total bituFLAME thickness of 7mm there isn’t going to be any issues.


bituFLAME torchon membrane system complies with the NZBC as an alternative solution BRANZ appraisal number (404) for use on roofs, decks and for potable water supplies. The bituFLAME modified bitumen is an APP type which provides greater elasticity, flexibility and is further enhanced with a blend of Thermoplastic Polymer (TPP) and Elastoplastic Copolymer (EPC) for high heat and UV resistance excellent elongation and low temperature flexibility. One of the advantages of bituFLAME there is a specialist membrane system for roofing, tanking, planter boxes, and green roofs, ballast roofs, re-roofing old bitumen membranes, tunnels and carparks the best range available. bituFLAME is BRANZ appraised for timber raft and tileJAK systems detailed drawings are available for down load on the WPS web site. When you use bituFLAME the 20 year warranty document comes with a maintenance schedule for the owners with guidance notes.

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Featured Projects


Specifier: Woodhams Meikle Zhan Architects Brand/Product: bituFLAME 2 layer (green used as a walkway roll) Applicator: Terracon Industries Ltd Size/Area: 1800m2 Region: Onehunga, Auckland


Specifier: Ignite Architects Brand/Product: bituFLAME 2 layer Applicator: The Roofing Specialists Ltd Size/Area: 2000m2 Region: Hamilton


Specifier: Darryl Church Architecture Brand: bituFLAME 2 layer (cloak design) Applicator: Stratco Area: 150M2 Region: Taupo

Detail Drawings

BFS12 - Upstand Cutaway - Single Layer

bFS12 - Upstand Cutaway - single layer.pdf

BituFLAME Roof Single Layer Details BFS01-bFS12 - 10 June 2014 FINAL

bituFLAME Roof Single Layer Details bFS01-bFS12 - 10 June 2014 FINAL.pdf

BFS03 - Gutter Wall Junction Type 1 - Cavity

bFS03 - Gutter Wall Junction type 1 - cavity.pdf

BFS09 - Pipe Dektite Penetration

bFS09 - Pipe Dektite Penetration.pdf

BFS04 - Gutter Wall Junction Type 2 - Direct Fix

bFS04 - Gutter Wall Junction type 2 - direct fix.pdf

BFS11 - Internal Gutter Membrane Installation

bFS11 - Internal Gutter Membrane Installation.pdf

BFS01 - Gutter Parapet

bFS01 - Gutter Parapet.pdf

BFS10 - Construction Joint Type 1 - Sq Edge

bFS10 - Construction Joint type 1 - sq edge.pdf

BFD11 - Joint Structure-roof

bFD11 - joint _structure-roof.PDF

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