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Below Ground Tanking

Our product range offers three tanking options: bituBOND peel & stick, bituFLAME torchon and rawMAT bentonite. The bituFLAME torchon system is either single or 2 layer dependant on the level of tanking required.

Our expertise in below ground tanking is sought by Architects, Designers and Engineers to make the correct selections.

All our systems have been in the New Zealand market for over 20 years.

Where a head or spring of water is identified, refer to the Levels of Tanking.

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bituBOND is a 1.5mm self-adhesive damp proof SBS (styrene-butadiene-styrene) modified bitumen membrane designed for protecting under floor slab, foundations and vertical walls from contaminated soil, dampness and vapour transmission.

The bituBONDĀ® system is used in applications where damp proofing is required such as in non hydrostatic excavations or away from the water table. Suitable for residential homes, apartments, commercial buildings.

Masterspec Specification: 4131WB WPS Bitubond Self-Stick Tanking

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The bituFLAME specialist tanking APP membrane system is used to provide waterproofing protection to below ground building structures such as basements, retaining walls, full envelope tanking (vertical and horizontal), carparks, tunnels, underpass walkway tunnels, lift pits, generator rooms and substations. Substrates include insitu concrete, masonry and polystyrene blocks and tilt panels.

bituFLAME has now been in the market for more than 20 years therefore surpassing its 20 year warrantable life.

Masterspec Specification: 4131WP WPS Bituflame Torch On Tanking

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The rawMAT Type P pre-hydrated bentonite is a premier tanking system that provides high level waterproofing protection to below ground structures in the most demanding situations.

rawMAT bentonite can be installed directly onto compacted sub-bases, concrete substrates or applied to sacrificial shutters and steel piles in high hydrostatic situations. It also self-heals when damaged and can be installed on wet substrates.

Key Applications: tunnels, deep excavations, tank farms, filling station forecourts, petroleum bunds, land-fill bases and caps, for environmental protection and containment situations such as lined burial pit for carcusses.

Masterspec Specification: 4131WR WPS Rawmat Bentonite Tanking

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