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Stone ballast systems are normally installed over duroTUF TPO or bituFLAME torchon systems. The most important consideration is the rain water management and stone weight on the structure. This system is very aesthetically pleasing when adjoining building finishes match into the design with the big benefit being that the selected membrane system is protected from weathering and is naturally in a relaxed and protected location. This will extend the lifespan of the membrane system considerably. Green roofs are installed over bituFLAME 2 layer antiroot systems. Because there is a lot of continuous work going on over the membrane system from installation through to completion, the bituFLAME system can withstand the green roof installation scuffing etc without any water tightness risk. Green roofs reduce the heat flux through the roof using less energy for cooling and heating and can lead to significant energy cost savings. It is important to consider rain water management, wet weight on the structure, plants to suit the soil depth and penetrations through the system. The benefit is that the bituFLAME membrane is protected from weathering and will always be relaxed from thermal substrate movement ensuring the membrane life expectancy will be considerably extended.

Waterproofing Systems warm roof system is a duroTUF TPO™ fleece back system installed over the insulation which is above the structure. The system is designed to prevent cold or hot external climatic conditions being isolated while the insulation system ensures warm temperatures in winter and cool temperatures in summer inside the building. The R value must be calculated to ensure the correct insulation thickness is specified along with a calculation for the dew point (both important factors).

Waterproofing Systems recommends bituFLAME Torch On or duroTUF TPO™ systems for our Warm Roof membrane systems. Venting is essential to ensure air equalisation within the roof space. This will reduce pressure on the roof substrate and vent moisture out of the roof cavity. We recommend using a combination of exposed roof vents and secret venting through the soffits.

duroTUF TPO™ comes in 1.14mm and 1.5mm thicknesses and can be installed fully adhered or mechanically fastened. Waterproofing Systems stock a complete line of accessories and sealants to help ensure a waterproof installation.

bituFLAME is an APP-modified bitumen membrane reinforced with 180 gsm non-woven polyester fabric. bituFLAME has good flexibility at both high and low temperatures.

bituFLAME has many outstanding features, making it the ultimate choice when selecting a torch-on membrane. It's superior qualities of tensile strength, elongation and tear resistance sets bituFLAME apart as the ideal durable solution for your waterproofing requirements. A comparison of product data sheets shows bituFLAME to have the highest mechanical properties of any modified bitumen available.

The unique benefit of the bituFLAME warm roof system is that it is fully waterproof from the vapour block primer adhesive at the substrate to the bituFLAME 4mm cap sheet.

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